Mystery Items Of The Week! Can you Help Us Identify These Items? #5 Has Us Stumped!

Everyday, our readers submit photos of the beautiful antiques they come across. Occasionally, we see an item that has us puzzled, so we turn to you for help! Take a look at the following fiveitems, and see if you can identify all of them. And as always, thank you for sharing your photos!

from: Glenda Richey Nail: “Can anyone tell me what this is? It appears to be string of some kind on the rod.”

from: Dan Kent: “Does anyone know what these are? My friend has them and we aren’t sure what they are.”

from: Suzy Smith: “Anyone know what this is? It’s VERY old. I know it’s leather over a gourd and the stitching is amazing.”

from: Diane Lucking: “Anyone tell me what this is ???”

from: Nancy Herren Cobia: “Does anyone have an idea what this could be? The lid lifts up.Thanks”


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