New House Smells Strange So Man Checks Vents And Find This

James and Mandy Fiser’s dream home purchase in Pittsburgh took a dark twist as they uncovered unsettling mysteries in their new house.

Hidden Hatch: During their initial tour with the realtor, the couple missed a mysterious floor hatch in their kitchen, which sparked their curiosity.

Secret Key: Determined to unlock the mysteries, the Fisers found a key hidden inside a vent in their home office.

The Discovery: Behind an antique cupboard, they found a dimly lit basement with vintage furniture and the original blueprints of the house from 1887. However, they also discovered disturbing items like old recipes and various animal carcasses.

Gruesome Findings: Their dog, Scout, led them to another hidden vent in the living room, where they found jars with putrid liquids and more animal carcasses.

“Powwow” Ritual: The maintenance team revealed that such artifacts were linked to a traditional healing practice called “powwow,” commonly found in old Victorian houses in Pennsylvania.

It involved elements of religion and belief with health and healing.

Resolution: Despite the cultural context, the Fisers removed the unsettling artifacts to create a more comfortable living environment, putting the past behind them. They are now ready to continue building their lives in their dream home.

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