Nicolas Cage Reveals Plans to Step Back from Acting as He Approaches 60th Birthday

Oscar and Golden Globe-winning American actor Nicolas Cage, who will celebrate his 60th birthday in January, has revealed his future plans. On this occasion, the Hollywood star shared his intentions.

Nicolas Cage’s Future Plans

The actor stated that he intends to act less in films. According to Cage, he wants to spend more time with literature, engage in meaningful conversations with loved ones, and most importantly, reduce the number of projects he takes on.

“I want to read a book a week, want to spend more time with my daughter. That’s my top priority. It’s a completely new experience for me, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Now I understand better what truly matters. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing as many movies,” said Nicolas.

Cage and his wife Riko Shibata welcomed their first child together in September 2022. The couple got married in early 2021. Nicolas also has two sons from previous relationships, but he didn’t have any daughters before.

Over his more than 40-year career, Cage has appeared in 120 films. Just this year, six films featuring him were released on the big screen. In 2024, the release of at least four more projects involving the acclaimed actor is planned.

For example, the film “Our Dreams’ Hero” will soon be in theaters, where Cage plays a university professor who unexpectedly starts appearing in the nightmares of dozens of people, including those he has never met.

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