Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s son has changed a lot. Look at this transformation

We are going to show you very rare photos of adopted children of beloved stars, who once upon a time were married.

Yes, this post is about Connor, adopted boy of starring family.

In 1990 they got married and decided to adopt children Isabel and Connor.

But they decided for sure that their children won’t be in front of cameras.

Thus, about their childhood, education, becoming adult and whole life there is rare and very few information.
However paparazzi are always pay attention in their live and try to click every moment.

Glory to them and web we find Conor’s photos, in which he looks like as an happy man. He do likes fishing and calm life, far from fame and noise. He has changed his whole style, beard, and hairstyle.
Probably no one can recognise him as a famous children of famous parents.

There is an information that Connor got married in 2019. First he wanted to become a DJ, then dreamed about being a movie star. But love to fishing was win.

After fact of divorcing of those cuties, children have close relationship only with Tom.

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