“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Find Hidden Bone in 7 Seconds

Seek and find puzzles are like games where you need to find something hidden in a picture. They test how good you are at solving problems by finding the right thing.

To do well at these puzzles, you need to use your eyes and your brain together and pay close attention to details.

Doing these puzzles is a good way to make your brain and eyes work better. It can help you keep your brain healthy as you get older, so you don’t lose your thinking abilities.

Seek and Find Puzzle: Find Hidden Bone in 7 Seconds

In the picture below, there’s an old lady and some cats having a good time. Your job is to find a hidden bone in the picture, but you only have 7 seconds.

Look at the picture and try to find the bone quickly. If you can’t find it in time, you can look at the solution below.

Find the Bone in 7 Seconds: Solution

The bone is under the table on the left side of the picture. You can see it because it’s circled in red.

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