“Optical Illusion Vision Test”: Find the Second Lady in 6 Seconds

Optical illusions, also known as visual illusions, happen when what we see is different from what’s really there.

Some people think that doing optical illusion puzzles can help us pay better attention and see things more clearly.

Want to test how good your eyes are? Try this vision test!

Optical Illusion Vision Test: Find the Second Lady in 6 Seconds

In the picture, there’s a man kissing a lady on the cheek. The lady looks surprised. But there’s another lady in the picture too. Your challenge is to find her in just 6 seconds.

After your given time is over, please, scroll down to find the solution to the puzzle!

Find the Second Lady in 6 Seconds: Solution

You can find the second lady on top of the other lady’s head. It might be easier if you turn the picture upside down.

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