People these days have no clue what these are, but do you remember?

Pictured: 1950 Zenith TV

The first Zenith television set appeared in 1939, with its first commercial sets sold to the public in 1948. The company is credited with having invented such things as the wireless remote control and FM multiplex stereo. For many years Zenith used the slogan “the quality goes in before the name goes on”.

Joel Free said

Could it also dry clothes? 😂

Riley Gordinier said:

This looks very primitive. Our Hoffman TV of about 1949 was in a cabinet and had the standard close-to-rectangular screen.

Sherry Holley said:

My Grandad bought the first tv in the 50’s. He and I would watch Cowboy Thrills and Georgous George wrestle. Great memories.

If you have memories about it, please leave your comments.

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