Rare footage Of Legendary ‘Mr. Bojangles’ Teaches Shirley Temple the Stair Dance – Who Remembers This?

Monthly bill “Bojangles” Robinson was an African American tap dancer and actor who is best regarded for his contributions to the artwork of faucet dancing. He was born in Richmond, Virginia, and commenced dancing skillfully at the age of five. His design of faucet dancing was recognised for its elegance, precision, and pace.

Robinson was 1 of the initially dancers to integrate elaborate footwork into his performances, and he normally done with his arms in his pockets to showcase his footwork. He rose to prominence in the early 20th century and grew to become one of the most popular faucet dancers of his time, in part because of to performances in films like the one demonstrated in this clip, 1935’s The Minimal Colonel.

Robinson’s partner in this scene is none other than Shirley Temple, who was also one particular of the most famous actresses in the 1930s. She was recognized for her curly hair, cherubic smile, and upbeat temperament, and was often forged in roles that required her to sing and dance.

Sadly, Robinson died in 1949 and Shirley died in 2014. But the good thing is for us, their extraordinary dancing is preserved in this film–the only a single that has “The King of Tap” performing with the “Little Princess of Hollywood.”

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