“Rich, But Ugly”: What Does Hayek’s Old Husband Whose Estate Is Estimated At 8.7 Billion Look Like?

Many are curious about the romantic life of the 57-year-old Mexican actress, Salma Hayek. In 2009, she tied the knot with French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, whose wealth is estimated at $8.7 billion.

Despite the assumption that Francois is significantly older than his wife, the reality is quite different. At 61 years old, the billionaire and the actress, aged 57, share a daughter named Valentina, who has inherited her mother’s striking beauty.

Social media users have varied opinions on their relationship, with some admiring their family and others commenting on their respective appearances and financial status.

The couple’s pictures often spark discussions online, with users offering their thoughts on the dynamics of their marriage.

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Source: animalplanetnow.com

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