Sad news about “Dallas” star Patrick Duffy

The epidemic brought Patrick Duffy, known for “Dallas” and “Step by Step,” together with Linda Purl. Before dating, they were casual friends for years. We’re thrilled.

This was unexpected “Duffy. This follows a life-changing voice chord rupture before college graduation, destroying his performing dreams.

Duffy recovered by teaching mime and interpreting ballet and opera. Chanting everyday as a Buddhist, introduced to him by his late wife Carlyn Rosser, healed his voice in five months.

He said, “I only converted because I wanted to sleep with her.” Once Rosser converted Duffy, they escaped to New York and married until her death over 40 years later.

A terrible crime involved two teens murdering Duffy’s parents. His Buddhist beliefs brought him calm despite the catastrophe.

He added, “I’m invulnerable to suffering,” citing his views as therapeutic. Duffy’s police officer sister Joanne wanted the killers executed, but Duffy said, “They’re punished. They caused their future pain.”

Duffy, well known for “Dallas,” struggled to vary his work. “Typical Patrick Duffy business decision catastrophe,” he said.

He’s open to resuming his legendary role. “I never say ‘never again.’ I’d do it if it was the amazing next step in those characters’ story.”

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