She Is The Youngest Mother In The World – The Girl Gave Birth To A Son At The Age Of 5: What Was The Fate Of The Young Mother?

On May 14, 1939, a significant event occurred in a clinic in Lima, Peru—a healthy baby boy was born, weighing 60 Ibs. However, what made this birth truly remarkable was the age of the mother—only 5 years and 7 months old.

Lina Medina, born in Ticrapo in 1933, defied medical norms by becoming the youngest mother in recorded history. Raised in a family of eight siblings, Lina’s childhood appeared typical until her belly began to visibly grow, prompting her parents’ alarm.

Seeking medical attention, Lina and her father journeyed to a clinic in Pisco, where Dr. Gerardo Lozada made a shocking discovery—Lina, at just 5 years old, was seven months pregnant. Further examination revealed that Lina had fully developed reproductive organs, a rare occurrence at her age.

Despite the controversial circumstances, medical authorities decided against terminating Lina’s pregnancy, opting instead to monitor her closely. In a historic moment, Lina gave birth via caesarean section to a healthy baby boy named Gerardo.

Following the birth, Lina and her son returned to their village, where they lived a quiet life. Dr. Lozada continued to support them, ensuring Gerardo received a good education.

Despite the curiosity of journalists and researchers, Lina maintained her privacy, avoiding public attention throughout her life. She eventually married and had another son, Raul Jr.

Tragically, Gerardo passed away from cancer at the age of 40, leaving behind a remarkable legacy. Lina, the youngest mother in history, lived a humble life until her death in 2015, marking the end of a truly extraordinary story.


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