She Refused To Disconnect Her Husband; Years Later, He Awoke And Said Two Surprising Words

A Story of Hope and Healing: Wife Ignores Doctor’s Advice to Save Husband

The Unfathomable Misfortune

Danielle Davis was forced to make a life-changing choice after her husband Matt Davis was killed in a motorbike accident barely seven months into their marriage. Because that is what they would want for their own families, the physicians recommended that he be removed off life support.
According to Danielle, “they said they’d pull the plug if it was them.”
A Step of Faith

Danielle made the difficult choice to keep Matt on life support against medical advice, hoping for a miracle.
“I felt that God could carry him through, and God could handle the situation,” she said.
The Long Way Home

Matt returned home under the watchful eye of Danielle and his mother-in-law. Danielle was trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible.
“Let’s give him the best view in the world if he’s just going to be a body in a bed,” she went on to say.
Healing Signs and Symbols

Matt finally admitted, after receiving home care for several months, that “I’m trying.” A gradual but steady psychological and physical recovery followed. The comeback of his personality was best exemplified by Matt’s request for a “buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar’s,” much to the amazement of everyone in the area.
The Journey Continues

Even though he has restored his long-term memory, Matt is no longer able to walk or recollect the events of their wedding. Nonetheless, he had a few words of advice for other wives.
Matt went on to say, “Take out the trash because there might be a day when you can’t.”

Public Reaction

The story has affected many individuals, and favorable comments have been written on social media.
As one reader put it, “Just have faith; nothing is too big for our God.”
“With God,” another answered, “anything is possible.”

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