Shy teen wins school talent show dancing on “Billy Jean”

High school talent shows are an excellent opportunity for many students to showcase their abilities. Although students may be nervous about performing in front of the entire school, it is still one of the finest methods for them to become recognized among their peers.

Brett Nichols is a young boy who surprised his classmates, professors, and the rest of the audience by dancing to late Michael Jackson’s song “Billy Jean.”

It’s incredible how a teenager can accurately mimic the legendary motions. Brett overcomes gravity as “The King of Pop” himself.

He was an amazing performer and his singing Talents were second to none. This is the reason from Michael’s superstardom and how we acquired the nickname the king of pop.

Michael Jackson wore many a strange outfit over the years usually associated with a certain period in his career or on the release of a particular album. Everyone will remember the red and black leather jacket from his amazing video Thriller but it is the black and white ensemble from Billie Jean that will have people remembering him the most.

Anybody in this day and age can dress up like Michael Jackson but not many can match him for his singing and dancing abilities

Brett Nichols was signed up to perform in a musical talent show at his local school. He goes to a large High School and on the day of the show it was packed with students eager to watch Everyone’s performance.

Brett is just a teenager and he might look a tiny bit shy but when he steps out on the floor there is something hidden in his personality.

When Billie Jean starts the whole audience is completely in shock and they cannot believe what they are witnessing.

Brett is a talented dancer and he performs the amazing dance routine to perfection. Just wait until you see how he does Michael’s classic moonwalk.

Brett was featured on television numerous times and has traveled the world before and performed lots of Michael Jackson’s songs with his cover band.

I think it’s safe to say Brett has found his true calling.

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