Single Dad Transform Into Mom For Daughter’s Mother’s Day Wins Hearts

In a heartwarming gesture that has melted hearts around the world, a devoted single father in Thailand has become an internet sensation. This dad’s story of love and sacrifice captured the attention of netizens when he shared a TikTok video, showcasing his remarkable transformation into a “mom” for his daughter’s Mother’s Day celebration at school.

Meet Pratchaya Tadeebu, fondly known as “Joe,” a 48-year-old single father who embarked on an extraordinary journey of love and devotion for his 15-year-old daughter, Nattawadee Kornjan, affectionately called “Cream.” In the touching video, Joe is seen seated among other parents and students in a bustling hall, donning a checkered dress and a flowing wig. His radiant smile speaks volumes as he embraces Cream, who bows before him with utmost respect and then enfolds him in a warm hug.

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Joe’s love story takes an even more endearing turn as he shares his heartwarming tale with a local news outlet. Cream, his adopted daughter, holds a special place in his heart. Despite the challenges of single parenthood and stepfather status, Joe has always showered Cream with unwavering love, insisting that she is his own flesh and blood. “Even though I am a single father and her stepfather, I always tell Cream that she is my daughter, and I love her like my own biological child,” he expresses with heartfelt sincerity. “I will do my best as both father and mother in order to take care of my girl.”

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In their close-knit father-daughter bond, the duo concocted an extraordinary plan for Mother’s Day, celebrated annually on August 12. Joe, an inspiring teacher at Cream’s school, decided to break the mold and step into the shoes of a mother for the day. The idea of donning women’s attire filled him with excitement rather than embarrassment. “The idea of dressing as a woman came up and I felt no embarrassment at all,” he shares with a beaming smile. “We always find ways to have fun together.”

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As Mother’s Day arrived, Joe kept his promise to his daughter and arrived at the school, radiating the persona of a nurturing mother. Cream, along with the internet audience, was deeply moved by Joe’s transformation. The TikTok video, a heartwarming testament to their unbreakable bond, has garnered over 381,000 views and 35,000 likes, capturing the attention of individuals who were touched by the sincerity of Joe’s gesture.

In the sea of comments, one sentiment stands out: “Your daughter loves you just as much as you love her.” This simple yet profound statement encapsulates the essence of Joe and Cream’s relationship—a bond that transcends traditional roles and definitions. Another comment echoes the sentiments of many: “You don’t need much when you have this sort of happiness.” The genuine happiness shared between a father and his daughter resonates deeply with those who’ve witnessed their story.


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The impact of Joe’s extraordinary act of love has even inspired others. A commenter shared their newfound motivation: “After seeing the video, I was motivated to dress up as a mother for my own sister at the next Mother’s Day event at her school.” Joe’s story has ignited a spark of compassion and creativity in others, reminding us all that the power of love knows no boundaries.

In a world often characterized by complexities, Joe and Cream’s story is a beautiful reminder that love is simple, unconditional, and boundless. It’s a tale that will continue to warm hearts and inspire acts of kindness for generations to come.

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