Sister of Michael Jackson imitates her famous sibling.

American musician and icon Michael Jackson, who passed away in 2009 and altered pop culture history, was renowned for altering his looks. He had a strong interest in cosmetic surgery.

He allegedly received at least a dozen plastic procedures to alter the appearance of his lips, cheekbones, chin, and eye incisions, according to several surgeons. Although he hardly ever appeared in public without a mask in the last two years of his life, many people thought that plastic surgery had damaged his nose.

Jackson himself refuted claims that he underwent cosmetic surgery. He undoubtedly underwent surgery after suffering a nasal fracture. He allegedly transformed his look as a result of a skin condition. The musician’s younger sister Janet Jackson appears to have taken over as his replacement at this time. Fans were shocked to see her at the «Bal de la Rose» event after a long absence. First off, Janet doesn’t appear to be 56 years old. Perhaps the cause is not just genetics, but also the facelift of a seasoned expert.

Second, Jackson’s nose is considerably smaller than it was previously, and the incision around his eye has changed somewhat. Her skin tone has also lightened. But it could only be a carefully designed foundation. In any event, she resembles her deceased sibling in a startling way, according to online users.

Although Janet Jackson was not drawn to the entertainment industry as a youngster, she was forced to pursue it since her father made all of the decisions. She made her stage debut at the age of seven in Las Vegas alongside her siblings and went on to feature in various TV shows. She issued 11 albums, the most recent of which, Unbreakable, came out in 2015. She wed musician James DeBarge when she was 18 years old, but the couple eventually divorced. After her third husband, a millionaire, gave birth to her kid and her second husband, a singer and dancer, divorced her in 2017, Janet was once more alone.

By the way, both during and after the birth of her son, Janet Jackson put on too much weight. She did, however, reduce 50 kg, and now her weight is back to normal.

She had plainly undergone plastic surgery in addition to other alterations. The important point is that Janet does not enjoy it as much as her well-known brother.

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