Six Old Kitchen Utensils Disappearing From Modern Kitchens

Jar Openers

jar opener is a kitchen device which is used to open glass or plastic jars. A jar is sealed by either (a) a screw-off rubberised lid or (b) a lid placed on the opening of the jar with a rubber sealing-ring between. Screw-off lids are usually made of metal with a thin rubber sealing layer, whereas lift-off lids mostly consist of glass

Donut Cutters

Cutters are cast aluminum or shaped aluminum and revolve on a steel axle fitted with hardwood handlesor aluminum on EZ cut . Accurate dough cutting minimizes dough trimmings. Simple and easy enough to be a valuable time saver for anyone. Handle cutters properly for long lasting satisfaction.

Flour Sifters

Flour sifter: A flour sifter is a kitchen device that looks like a cup with a handle and a mesh strainer on the bottom. Some sifters have mechanical blades that help push the flour through the mesh, while others don’t.

Cruet Servers

Butter Shavers

This ingenious knife shaves small pieces of cold butter on one side and provides a smooth spreading edge on the other. Turns cold butter into spreadable butter instantly. Our unique Butter Shaver has two rows of grating surface on one side and a curved spreader face on the other side.


a kitchen utensil in which soft foods (as boiled potatoes) are pressed through a strainer.


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