Stefanie Powers Appeared in Heels & New Haircut at 80 after Private Life in Kenya in Honor of Late Partner

Stefanie Powers, the seasoned actress known for her roles in “Hart to Hart” and “The Feather and Father Gang,” recently made a stylish public appearance at 80. Her acting career, which began at 16, boasts over 200 TV show guest appearances and two weekly shows. Powers’ personal life includes two marriages and a significant relationship with actor William Holden, whom she considered her soulmate.

“We were soulmates,” Powers said about Holden, with whom she shared a love for the wilderness and travel. After Holden’s death in 1981, Powers honored his legacy by founding The William Holden Wildlife Foundation in Kenya, focusing on animal conservation. Despite a hiatus from the screen, Powers made a fashionable comeback at 80, earning praise from fans worldwide.

In addition to her acting career, Powers survived lung cancer, attributing her recovery to regular checkups. She now devotes her life to advocating for wildlife, heading her foundation, receiving accolades, and contributing to environmental causes. Powers continues to make strides in wildlife conservation and educates others through various platforms.


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