Susan Rice pushes propaganda on MSNBC

Haven’t seen Susan Rice in a while, but here she is on MSNBC pushing propaganda about former President Donald Trump. She claimed “Trump clearly doesn’t put American interests ahead of his own, so we’re deeply vulnerable to exploitation by our adversaries.” That sounds like a lie to me. Trump always wanted America to succeed first when he was president. He was very clear on that.

For Susan Rice to claim Donald Trump is a national security threat is just MSNBC allowing her, or asking her, to spread propaganda in a war for the mind and voters. If anyone is watching MSNBC and the Susan Rice video, then just think to yourself – was America fighting wars or handing out money to people when Trump was in office? Other than his bad tweets, things seemed to be better than whatever Joe Biden is doing. Up until the pandemic, things were moving along pretty normal.

It was the Democrats who kept fighting with Donald Trump and it was the Democrats who slowed him down from getting things done. Trump wanted a lot of good things for America. Don’t let his rough around the edges personality or old mean tweets stop you from seeing the truth. For example, if you made a list of Donald Trump policies, goals, and accomplishments next to Joe Biden’s – but you took the names off the list – then showed people the list and asked them to pick the one they’d vote for, then I’m pretty sure Donald would win 9/10 times.

As Americans, we need to vote with our country in mind. Which candidate is better for America? What has Joe Biden and the Democrats done for us lately? I see prices are sky high, crime is running rampant in many cities, the border is a disaster, and we’re handing out money to countries like it’s growing on trees while our own Americans suffer.


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