Teen Girl Chooses to Live With Her Father over Her Mother after Dad Cheats on Mom

A woman was astonished when her teen daughter expressed a desire to live with her father post-divorce. The teenager, in an AITA subreddit post on May 30, 2023, revealed her strong bond with her father and the growing divide with her career-focused mother. The mother discovered the father’s affair, leading to a divorce.

The daughter, despite her father’s transgressions, chose to stay with him, feeling he would provide the support she needed. The mother perceived this as a betrayal, resulting in a breakdown. The daughter sought advice, asking if she was in the wrong.

The post detailed the family’s imbalance, with the father prioritizing family over work and the mother’s dedication to her career causing a divide. Despite the affair, the daughter believed her father would continue supporting her, creating a dilemma. The mother’s emotional turmoil led to accusations, complicating the daughter’s situation.

In summary, a teen’s choice to live with her father post-divorce, despite his affair, raised questions about family dynamics and the daughter’s need for support, leaving the mother in emotional turmoil.

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