Test: What can your nail shape tell about you

We know about palmistry and about the influence of Zodiac signs on our lives. However, you can find out more about a person by just looking at the shape of their nails.

This is what you nail shape can tell about you.

1.Wide nails.

Those who have wide nails, have much wider perspective. These people will always help with the right advice, thanks to their intelligence and intuition. They are able to solve any problem easily and in a simple way.

2.Square nails.

These are hard-working people, that take responsibility for everything and always meet the deadlines. Their excellent leadership qualities make them popular.

3. Round nails.

These people possess strong intelligence and creative character in order to be perfect leaders. And their funny nature attracts many people to them. They love challenges, and when you try to stop them, they don’t listen to you.

4. Short nails.

These people are very observant, and, as it is said, always speak from the heart. They are very careful in making new friends.

5. Triangular nails.

They have brave nature, and a lot of people are attracted by their passionate and stubborn behavior. These are the people, who are not afraid to get from life whatever they want.

6. Rectangular nails.

Their cheerful character makes them literal stars in their social circle. They work thoroughly so that no detail can hide from them.

7. Oval nails.

They are very creative people, who can always motivate others. They are very imaginative, and just live in a fantasy world.

8. Nails with cuticle.

They are very bright and carefree people by nature, and their life is full of pleasures. They are not material – emotions are much more important to them, writes lifter.

What kind of nails do you have?

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