“That’s unreal!” The homeless old man turned out to be a real handsome man after a haircut

David Kodat is a popular master barber from France. Usually David’s clients are famous people, and getting a haircut and a beard from this master is so expensive.

However, sometimes David is also engaged in charitable activities. For example, recently he decided to help a homeless man, whose hair and beard were in a awful condition.

At first, the man’s hair and beard were shortened. And then the master gave them a shape, making a stylish haircut. To the surprise of the staff, the homeless man was transformed beyond recognition! At first, the shaggy and overgrown man seemed to be an old man. However, after the haircut, it became clear that in front of them was a middle-aged handsome man.

The “client” himself was also delighted with the transformation. He thanked the master with all his heart and said that now he would definitely be able to get a job and finally finish his wandering life.

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