.The Benefits Of Putting Ice Cubes In Your Dryer

There are so many laundry hacks floating around on the internet. You can make your pillows fluffy again by putting them in the dryer with tennis balls. You can clean your actual washing machine with distilled vinegar. And another hack you definitely need to know about involves putting ice cubes in your dryer.

source: Twitter

Personally, I despise ironing. I find it so tedious and time consuming, and I wish that my clothes always just came out of the dryer wrinkle-free. Well, according to this new viral hack, that wish can be reality! By tossing a few ice cubes in your dryer, the heat will turn them to steam, leading to smooth fabrics without wrinkles (or the need for ironing).

source: The Family Handyman

While this hack likely won’t work for stiffer fabrics (like jeans, for instance), it can work wonders for small to medium loads of laundry containing cotton clothing and other light fabrics. You have nothing to lose, so you might as well give this genius hack a try the next time you do laundry!

Source: positivitybuzz.com

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