The Boy’s Weight Exceeded 815 lbs 6 Years Ago: What Does He Look Like After Amazing Weight Loss?

Hailing from Georgia, USA, Casey King’s love for food began in childhood. This, however, led to him being overweight and a target for teasing throughout his school years. Initially unbothered, the constant ridicule eventually caused Casey to withdraw and isolate himself.

Prioritizing his love for unhealthy food over a healthy weight, Casey’s weight ballooned to over 290 lbs by the end of high school. He found a part-time job at a cafe, but ended up indulging in discounted leftover food each night. By his early twenties, Casey’s weight surpassed 440 lbs , significantly impacting his mobility. He quit his job and spent the next 15 years virtually confined to his room, playing video games and relying on his father for food.

A turning point arrived in 2018 with the birth of his nephew, Thomas. Yearning to play with his uncle, Thomas’s enthusiasm highlighted Casey’s limitations. This realization sparked a fire within Casey, prompting him to commit to a dramatic lifestyle change. He gradually eliminated unhealthy food and underwent gastric surgery in September 2018. Casey’s story caught the media’s attention, leading to an invitation on a weight loss reality show. Surrounded by a team of professionals, Casey shed nearly 40 kilograms within the first three months through dedicated training and a personalized diet.

Today, at 39 years old, Casey maintains a weight of 240 lbs , with a remaining 15kg attributed to excess skin. Over the past six years, his total weight loss exceeds a staggering 580 lbs . While the reality show provided the initial push, Casey’s remarkable progress is a testament to his daily hard work, unwavering determination, and sheer willpower.

Casey now embraces an active lifestyle, frequently embarking on hikes and jogs. He cherishes spending time with his nephew Thomas, the very person who inspired him to transform his life.

Casey’s story serves as a powerful reminder that significant change is possible with unwavering commitment and a strong support system.


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