The bride and father do their wedding dance, but Dad’s effortless skills take it to the next level. Video below

A health coach is named Mike Thomas. He spends a lot of time considering carefully what we put into our bodies and then uses that knowledge to help others.

However, he just discovered another avenue where he could effectively utilize his physical form.
Coach Mike made sure the father-daughter dance at his daughter’s wedding was the best it could be.

Mike is a talented dancer in addition to implementing what he preaches. Mike was therefore more prepared than ever for the father-daughter dance at the wedding.

To the song ‘Kind and Generous,’ Mike leisurely dances with his daughter. As Steve (of Steve Weber Films) recorded it, their loved ones observed from their seats.

As befits a dancing video gone viral, the music cuts off suddenly. Do I hear “Smooth Criminal” there?

It is, indeed. That beat is unmistakable.
Since they selected the music, it is evident that the father and daughter duo can keep up with its tempo.

Before the next song changes, Mike’s daughter lets loose too, following his moonwalk demonstration for the audience.

And Taio Cruz’s ‘Dynamite’ is the tune that comes next. That brings us back several years.

‘Dynamite’ was undoubtedly the song of the year for 2009; it was such a straightforward year filled with amazing music.

It was definitely a nostalgic trip for everyone in the room, and Mike and his daughter do a great job of capturing that energy.

Even a few foot shuffle moves are known to Mike. Did he dance when he was younger?

They also have excellent musical sense. The following song is ‘Classic’ by MKTO. The track selection hasn’t let me down yet.

Mike demonstrates once more how capable he is of moving. Whether he picked it up for the wedding recently or he’s always had it in him, he’s killing it.

His daughter won’t have to worry about her peers judging her father as being shallow. ‘Lame’ is the last term I would use to characterize him after a show like this.

There’s a reason ‘24k Magic’ is a party song, and it’s as appropriate for weddings.

You only need to look at Mike and his daughter.
Bruno Mars’s music is the perfect way to cap off the evening as we’re dancing the night away.

That concludes the list of songs.
Following that, the father and daughter embrace as the wedding guests wildly applaud them.


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