The charming performance of four-year-olds dancing to ‘Jailhouse Rock’ is sure to leave you in stitches

Feeling a bit down? Or is it just another ordinary day for you? Either way, I have a clip that will lift your spirits better than a sunny summer day. If it involves kids in cute outfits with fun dance moves, it’s definitely worth watching.

At a preschool event, a group of adorable four-year-old boys put on quite a show. And the song choice is unexpected—it’s none other than Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock,” a major hit from the King of Rock and Roll.

Dressed in striped prison attire, the toddlers take the stage, resembling the characters from the song. They already look adorable, but perhaps they needed a bit more practice, as they initially seem unsure when the music starts playing.

However, one of them starts to bust out some moves, and gradually, the performance picks up. And that’s not all—midway through the act, one of the most charming “officers” showcases his talent to the delight of the audience.

Watch full video below:

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