“The face of an old lady”: How the girl with a strange disease looks like now at 25

Our today’s story is quite strange. After all, despite being born with an old lady’s face and the fact that she looked 50-year-old as a teenager, this girl could build a family and have a personal life.

Ekaterina was born 25 years ago. During pregnancy everything was good, both ultrasonography and analysis showed the child had no problems.

Only after labor when the midwives and the mother saw the child they were terrified – the newborn had an old lady’s face.

Later it turned out, that the baby had a rare genetic disorder, for which no medicine existed, yet. Besides, doctors scared the parents saying that with such a disease their child wouldn’t be able to live even until she’s 18.

However, Kate was lucky. The disease affected only her skin, the organs were developing normally.

Soon the girl’s father could bear her condition no more so he left. Irina was to raise her daughter alone. It was hard especially dealing with sidelong glances and mockery from Kate’s peers.

At first, Kate was offended by the mockeries but later she got used to it, and the people almost stopped mocking her. The girl even found some friends, and many people realized that the most important thing was who she was, and not what she looked like.

When Ekaterina grew up, she got an invitation to take part in a TV show, where she was promised a plastic surgery in order to cover the disadvantages a little bit. After this the girl’s life turned upside down.

Later Kate even got married and gave birth to two awesome sons. But, unfortunately, the younger one turned out to have his mom’s disease.

After this the woman deleted all social media accounts and decided to never share her life to the public again. The husband has left her. Now she is in love again and is planning to have a daughter.

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