The history of the ice cream maker: between tradition and innovation

The ice cream maker… Used by professionals as well as amateurs, it exists in different models and adapts to everyone.
But when did she appear? How has it evolved? What traditions have been preserved?
Zoom on the favorite instrument of the glaciers!


If ice cream has existed for hundreds of years, it was, around the 1800s, a very inaccessible luxury product. It was in 1846 that the American Nancy Johnson developed the very first ice cream maker. It works with a crank and coarse salt. It is the very first device that will make it possible to democratize ice cream, and to make it tasted by the general public…but quickly! Because yes, it is still impossible for the moment to keep this ice cream over time.  

It is in this sealed seal which contains blocks of ice and salt that we rotate a metal bowl containing the cream or sorbet. The transformation into ice cream or sorbet lasts about 30 minutes. This model, still widely used in Guadeloupe and Martinique, therefore quickly takes the name of “West Indian ice cream maker”.


It was not until the arrival of electricity in all homes in France for the appearance of the electric version of the ice cream maker.

This electric ice cream maker has been designed since the domestic refrigerator has appeared in households. It is therefore possible, not only to make ice a little faster (thank you motor), but also to keep it.

It is this model which remains today the classic of the so-called “basic” ice cream maker… Even if some small evolutions have emerged!


If we keep a part of the tradition for the manufacture of ice creams and sorbets, the machines are now designed to be much more ergonomic. In addition, the entire turbine process is done faster and more efficiently than before.

Two products compete in today’s market:

  • Ice cream makers with cold storage
  • Ice turbines

Ice cream makers with cold storage are products that are more frequently seen in private homes, for making ice in small quantities and occasionally. This ice cream maker requires placing the receptacle in the freezer for several hours before pouring in the mix which will then be stirred.

Ice cream turbines (of which there are many different models depending on the desired quantities), are more precise machines, which are generally used by professionals in the ice cream industry. They themselves generate cold and allow you to have a sorbet or ice cream in half an hour.

At Hubert Cloix, we market a wide range of different machines for ice cream parlors. Of ice cream pasteurizer au maturer, passing through professional ice cream maker then to the whole range NEMOX de tabletop ice turbines. In short, we are é-qui-pés!

Our machines still keep the traditions of their predecessors, but in always adapting to technological advances and to the demands of our customers.

Our entire team is at your disposal for your various projects, for more information on our machines, for quotes or to eat an ice cream… Well yes, obviously…

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