The Internet Can’t Agree On A Simple Kid’s Math Question

If you have children, you realize that there going to be times when they need assistance with their homework. It can be difficult to help them, especially if they are doing something that just doesn’t seem logical to you.

Math is one of those subjects that many of us struggled with in school and it can be difficult to help children when we need some help ourselves. As it turns out, however, there are some math questions that are difficult, regardless of who you happen to be.

It also doesn’t help the children are dealing with a new type of math from what we had in school. We may not get the logic behind it and quite honestly, our children have a difficult time grasping it as well.

Perhaps that is why a question that came from an elementary school student was so difficult for a parent to swallow. It took place in June 2023, and it was shared on social media.

When people saw the question, they automatically thought that they knew the answer but little did they know such a heated debate would ensue. It was a question for kids, but adults were having a struggle.

Part of it had to do with the way the question was phrased. It isn’t just a straightforward answer but rather, it is one that requires a little bit of thinking between the lines.


Most of the people felt that option D was the right choice because it was only 12:03. That would make it the closest to the specific time of day.

Then again, there were some people who said that the question said the closest time to and not the closest time until. This threw a wrench in the works, as many people were considering that it had to be the time before the target time of the night.

It’s nice to do some creative thinking but honestly, it doesn’t have a place in math. Math is supposed to be logical, and many parents were struggling with this question that is still being debated.


In the end, many people feel that there is more than one valid answer. Some felt that an answer prior to midnight would be best but it was also acceptable if you gave the closest time, which happened to be after midnight.

What was your answer?


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