The thinnest hotel in the world is 2.5 meters wide. Let’s see how tourists fit here

A new hotel in Indonesia is trying to claim the title of the thinnest building in the world. And these claims are probably quite justified: the width of the entire building is 2.5 meters. The author of the project claims that the hotel was built to attract attention to his hometown, and tourists film how they manage to fit in such small rooms.

The PituRooms Hotel in Salatiga stands tall among the surrounding low-rise buildings. Previously, the site measuring 2.8 by 12 meters was used as a landfill, so the owner purchased the land for next to nothing.

Here he built a five-story building. The hotel has a total of seven rooms, each of which is furnished in a different concept and decorated with local works of art.

Part of the first floor is given over to the reception. The different levels are connected by steel stairs and inclined ramps.

Despite its strange appearance, the building is highly functional, with a 75-centimeter-wide vacuum lift artificially inserted into the remaining space and connecting each floor with an earthen lobby and a stunning indoor lounge.

Each of the seven rooms has enough space for a double bed and a small bathroom with shower and toilet:

Salatiga is located 600 kilometers from Jakarta. Foreigners are rare here, but the hotel owner is trying to change that.




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