The twin twins, who weighed 586 and 604 pounds respectively, have shed a significant amount of weight.

There was an immediate need for action to guarantee that no more lives were endangered!

Kandi and Brandi have been fighting stress with food since they were children. The girls were often frustrated by their parents’ lack of attention and took refuge in sweets, which they had become accustomed to. And when the children grew older, their mother and father began to feed them fast food, which helped to keep them occupied so they didn’t interfere with their parents’ activities.

Naturally, this eating approach has unfavorable implications. The initial issues arose at school, when the girls were bullied by unkind peers. Each girl weighed more than 220 pounds as a teenager, and the worst part was that the weight continued to rise.

Kandi and Brandi afterwards had a falling out with their parents and moved away. They began a new life on their own, which, regrettably, had little impact on their eating habits.

To support themselves, the sisters acquired jobs as salesmen, but they didn’t lose weight since they were consuming unhealthy foods like fast food, candy, and sugary sodas. Because of their weight, the females were unable to go to work and became as awkward as possible.

Kandi and Brandi started having health issues.

They decided to seek help from the popular TV show «My 600-Lb Life» after they each began to weigh more than 550 pounds.

As a result, a long and painful journey in search of wellness started. The sisters were treated by the greatest specialists: a dietitian suggested a diet, and psychiatrists began working with them. Each sister set a weight-loss target for herself over time. The weight started to fall off. However, medical considerations required them to shrink their stomachs. Brandi made it through the operation with ease, while Kandi nearly died due to her heart problem, but everything worked out in the end.

The show has ended, but the girls continue to maintain their health by going to the gym and eating well. Brandi even found love, married, and had a child.

Kandi, on the other hand, is not in a hurry to marry; she intends to travel extensively and completely enjoy her new life.

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