They had just gotten married and were on the dance floor when the guests saw something at the bride’s feet.

Dannie Mountford, 19, from the West Midlands, was 36 weeks and two days pregnant when her waters broke — while she and her new husband were dancing on the dance floor.

Dannie and her husband Carl were confident that their baby daughter wouldn’t arrive until January, despite the fact that they had planned the wedding in just six weeks.

Dannie’s waters ruptured while dancing with her new beau on the evening of their December 18 wedding, while she was still wearing her dress.

Dannie was subsequently brought to the hospital, where she gave birth to baby Jasmine the next morning.

Dannie stated, ” “I was dancing with my new husband one second and giving birth to my baby girl the next.

“It was a huge surprise, but it has added to the memory of our wedding day and will make it even more wonderful in the future.

“I felt something dribbling down my leg while dancing, and when it didn’t stop, I hurried over to my mother, who assisted me to the restroom.

“All of the wedding guests came in to check on me while I was in the restroom, and someone called a cab to take me to the hospital.

“My wedding gown was not removed until I was in the labor and delivery room. My waters had burst on it, so it was soaked.”

Dannie and Carl, both 18, planned their wedding in just six weeks in the hopes of being legally married before their daughter was born.

Their joyful day, however, was cut short when baby Jasmine arrived early.

Dannie, who works full-time as a mother, added: “We left the reception around 10.30 p.m. to go to the hospital, but several family members lingered for the remainder of the event.

“As I walked out of the place, the DJ was still playing and others were still completing their drinks. We hadn’t even started cutting the cake!

“Fortunately, Carl hadn’t consumed much alcohol at the reception and had remained quite sober.

“Despite the fact that he was quite stressed when I went into labor, he was incredible during the birth as he calmed down.”

Dannie had been in labor for about six hours when she arrived at the hospital.

Jasmine came healthy and accompanied by Dannie’s husband and mother, despite being astonished by her presence.

Dannie stated, ” “Despite barely weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces and arriving almost a month early, Jasmine is doing great and was the ideal wedding gift.

“It also meant that all of our friends and family were the first to find out, which was incredible.

“It’s been a whirlwind since then because it was such a surprise, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

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