This is a tough one! Find the error in the image!

Engaging in solving puzzles and riddles serves as an enjoyable method to provide your brain with its daily workout.

Participating in brain games not only entertains but also offers benefits such as enhancing cognitive function, maintaining sharp memory, improving reasoning skills, boosting productivity, and aiding in the formulation of better solutions to real-life problems.

That’s why we’ve crafted another picture puzzle for you to enjoy with your friends and family! Are you prepared?

Examine the image below and see if you can identify the significant mistake!

The image depicts a family capturing a Thanksgiving moment.

A large turkey and plates adorn the table as the grandfather uses his phone to immortalize the beautiful memory.

However, there’s an error in the picture!

Have you pinpointed it yet?

If you successfully identified the mistake in the Thanksgiving celebration family photo, congratulations!

You’re among the few who spotted it immediately.

But if you’re still on the hunt for the error, don’t fret—the answer is provided above.

Give the image another glance, and do your best!


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