This Photo Is Not Edited. Take A Second Look And Guess Who’s The Mother

Off The Record

Aging like fine wine, this mom of EIGHT is defying age expectations and surprising everyone with her youthful appearance. People are amazed at how she and her daughters look like sisters in the photos she shares on social media.

Louise Young, a 45-year-old mother from Scotland, recently shared a picture of herself and her daughters working out together at the gym.

Louise often posts glamorous photos of herself and her girls on her Instagram account, louiseyoung1975.

This Photo Is Not Edited. Take A Second Look And Guess Who's The Mother

Many people can’t believe how stunning Louise looks and mistake her for being her children’s sister.
Louise and her husband have eight children, three of whom are already married.

Despite her glamorous social media presence, Louise is just like any other mother and has to do household chores.

She shared a video of a large pile of laundry she had to tackle, and her positive attitude and great parenting skills earned her the title of a “wonder woman” in the comments section.
Louise has received numerous compliments about how young and vibrant she appears.

Even Paris Fury, the wife of professional boxer Tyson Fury, reposted the photo of Louise working out with her daughters as a symbol of female empowerment.

People can’t believe Louise is the mother in the photo and often mistake her for her daughters’ sister. One person commented, “I can’t figure out who the mom is…goals right there!” Another person exclaimed, “You look so young to have such a big family. Wish I had your energy!” Many others have also expressed how much Louise and her daughters resemble sisters.

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