This woman slept with her snake every night…but then veterinarians discovered her the horrifying truth

Pets are part of the family. They are with us every day and they provide us with love and warmth. Some people even sleep with their dog or cat, or even a snake…

But apparently not all pets should share the bed with you. A Dog is OK, cat too, but the snake we mentioned, not sure that’s such a good idea…

It is not recommended to sleep with every pet, and one woman who slept with her python snake every night had to learn this the hard way..

The Python would normally stretch, from her leg to her head

But one day the snake stopped eating. The woman took it to her favorite veterinarian

Veterinary asked questions, but quickly she found out about the unique sleeping position of the two. Then the questions began to be more focused

That was the moment when the veterinarian told her something that shocked me. The reason the Python stopped eating was because he was preparing his stomach. Or if you prefer, make a place in his stomach in preparation for a big meal. And a big meal? That was her!

Fortunately the woman took the snake to a veterinarian before it was too late. She had no idea her favorite snake actually was getting ready to kill and eat her.

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