“Totally different now”: story about a woman who adopted 2 girls with unique features and helped them

Christen Williams worked as a teacher and was a career-person, so she didn’t pay much attention to her personal life. However, the woman really wanted to have a family and kids, and one day the fate smiled on her.

Christen was travelling around India and met there a little orphan named Munny. No one wanted to adopt the girl because of the big scar on her forehead. That moment, Christen realized she couldn’t leave the child there and adopted her.

At first, Munny was reserved, but gradually opened her heart to the woman and trusted her. In her turn, Christen showered the girl with all her love.

Later, Christen adopted another child named Durga. She found her in a trash bin. Her face was mutilated, however this didn’t stop Christen.

Soon many people found out about the kind-hearted woman who adopted 2 girls, and wanted to help the family.

The surgeons operated on the girls a few times, so now they are no different from others. However, Durga still needs some procedures in order to get rid of all the scars.

For the girls, appearance is not the most important thing. They are happy to have finally found a real mother who gives them love, affection and a hope for a bright future.

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