Trump shames judge following court victory

Former President Donald Trump verbally shamed a judge by name following a court victory today. Trump said “Judge Engoron is a disgrace to this country, and this should not be allowed to happen.” Trump had a small victory in court today when his bond was reduced by millions and given ten extra days to come up with the money.

Trump was in an appeals court today where he had his almost $500 million bond, which was due today, reduced to just $175 million and given the extra time to secure the funds. Still, that more money than most of us will see in a lifetime, but it’s a lot less than the amount he was previously told.

And of course, leftists are furious all over social media. It’s like they’re just robots programmed to produce fake outrage. Do they forget that Trump still has to come up with $175 million in ten days? It’s no small amount of money to come up with, even for a millionaire or billionaire. Look forward to seeing this laughed out of court in the future, hopefully, as it’s just another tactic by Democrats in their quest to slow down Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump shames judge following court victory


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