TV Judge Frank Caprio Gets Candid With Cancer Diagnosis As He Tears Up In Emotional Video

While the legal system is often cruel and unjust, every once in a while, a story comes out of the courts that is bound to warm readers’ hearts. Whether it’s a friendly judge or an inspiring story of someone overcoming adversity, there have been dozens of uplifting cases in the past few years.

Many of those cases come from the show “Caught in Providence,” a nationally syndicated show where real people have their cases heard in front of Judge Frank Caprio in Providence, Rhode Island.

Caprio serves as the jurisdiction’s chief municipal judge. One of the things that he has become known for over the years that he has served on the bench is the high level of kindness that he has shown so many people who have become part of the legal system.

Caprio is even considered the “nicest judge in the world.” Heartwarming clips from the show regularly go viral, making people around the world and across the internet smile.

Born Francesco Caprio on Nov. 24, 1936, the television personality was born and raised in Providence. His parents were immigrants from Naples, Italy.

As a young kid, the famed TV judge studied at public schools within his city, and he balanced his education with work, as one of his first jobs was as a dishwasher and shoe-shiner.

Later in life, he joined the United States Army, became a teacher, and later pursued a legal profession.

In 2023, Caprio shocked the world and his fans with a heartbreaking announcement as he asked them for prayers. Read on below to find out what happened to the TV star.

According to an article published by WJAR, Frank Caprio decided to hang his court dress after serving as a judge for over 38 years in January 2023.

In a joint statement from the Providence City Council and Caprio himself, he wrote in part, “I hope I have lived up to the example of all those that served before me, either on the bench, or in City Government, to make Providence a city that welcomes all, and enriches the lives of every person that chooses our great city to be their home.”

The Providence Journal published an article to give the public a glimpse into Caprio’s life after he retired as a municipal court judge in October 2023.

The outlet noted that Caprio had a new title called “Chief Judge Emeritus,” which is strictly ceremonial, and it didn’t mean that he would spend time on the bench again. A City Council spokesman also clarified that he will not be paid under this title.

When asked about what he felt being off the bench after decades, Caprio said, “I do miss it… I miss the interaction with the people. I always try to place myself in their situation.”
Even though the TV show “Caught in Providence” was no longer produced and aired on television, Caprio still continued to share his travels, family gatherings, and random things on his official Instagram account, which has 1.4 million followers as of December 2023.

In the last month of 2023, Caprio shared a heartbreaking announcement with his followers as he revealed that he was diagnosed with a shocking medical condition.

In a video shared on the social media platform, Caprio could be seen sitting in what appeared to be a home office.

“One of the happiest days of the year for me is my birthday, and recently, I celebrated my 87th birthday, and I received so many wonderful messages from people all over the world,” he started the clip.

Later on, he noted that his celebration that year was different from any other birthday he had throughout his life because he was not feeling well.

Upon receiving a medical examination, it was determined that he had an illness.

“I have been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, which is an insidious form of cancer,” he told his followers.

The video later showed clips of him at the hospital, and he noted that he was being treated by a “wonderful team of doctors,” in which he prayed for them so medical professionals could handle his treatment successfully.

“I know this is a long road and I’m fully prepared to fight as hard as I can,” he added.

Caprio became emotional, and tears could be seen running down his cheeks. Then, he asked his friends and followers for a favor.

“I would ask each of you in your own way to please pray for me, I am in need of the power of prayer,” he said while stuttering due to his overwhelming emotions.

The judge received countless comments from his followers who sent their well wishes to him as one wrote, “Sending so much love and prayers to you … you are a wonderful and important addition to our world 🕊️.”

“We all love you and we will pray for your health 🙌,” one commented.

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Frank Caprio’s announcement had us shocked, and we hoped he would get through this hard time of his life. Do you have an unforgettable memory of him back when his TV show was still airing? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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