Twin brothers separated at birth are finally reunited after nearly 70 years apart

Imagine if there was someone out there in the world who was your mirror image.

Someone who looked exactly like you, but was a total stranger.
That’s how twin brothers George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski lived their entire lives… as strangers.

The twins hail from Germany and were born in 1946 after their mother Elizabeth, who was a Polish, Catholic, was freed from a labor camp at the end of World War II, according to the BBC.

She became ill after giving birth and was unable to care for them so she had to give them up for adoption. The brothers were then sent to Poland and adopted into different homes.


Lucian lived in Poland and didn’t find out that he was adopted until he was drafted into the army, which must have been a double blow.

George stumbled across his adoption papers at the age of 17 when he also learned he had a twin brother.
George asked the Red Cross to help him find his twin in the 60s but those attempts were unsuccessful.

“All my life, I just want to know my family,” George said, according to TODAY. “For 70 years, I was living without knowing things and was thinking I’m never going to find him.”

Lucian didn’t find out he had a twin until he was in his 60s.
Ironically, Lucian reached out to the Red Cross who was able to track George down.

“I don’t care about winning the lottery,” Lucian said. “I just want to have my brother by my side.”

George didn’t even think his brother was still alive when he learned that not only was he alive, but that he also wanted to meet.
The two brothers finally met 68 years after their separation at Warsaw airport in Poland at the age of 69.

“I never knew when this day was going to happen — was thinking one day I’ll find my brother,” George said. “I couldn’t wait to hug him and give him a big kiss.”

The two men had tears in their eyes before they approached each other.
George said he hoped this would be the start of a very close relationship.

Lucian arrived with the biggest bouquet of flowers that he could carry.

The men held each other and cried and kissed each other’s cheek and rubbed each other’s heads upon their reunion. Their wives also embraced.
“My heart is overflowing with joy to welcome you back to Polish soil,” Lucian said.

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