Two-year-old girl missing one hand adopted a cat missing one paw: a special bond between the babies appeared

The kitty with 3 paws found her place in a family with two-year-old Scarlett, who also misses one hand. When the babies met, it was obvious that a special connection was being created between them. They seemed to understand each other.

Scarlet is a brave girl suffering from a rare form of cancer. She has lost her left arm. She is fond of cats. Her parents wanted her to grow up with a little kitten, and that she had someone that would look like her. For six months they had been looking for a cat with three paws to adopt, and on Christmas Eve their wish came true.

That evening the family saw a story about a three-month-old kitten on the news, which had recently undergone amputation. They called to know how they could adopt the kitten. At first they couldn’t get the necessary information, so they decided to visit the animal shelter, where the kitten was staying, themselves.

As the father said, Scarlett was extremely worried – she loves cats. She noticed, that Doc (the name of the cat, which was female) had braces. Her father told, that she had exactly the same. In response, she put her hand on the cat’s braces and nodded, mentioned the father. At that moment, the parents realized that it was a suitable pet for their daughter. They said, Scarlett understood that the cat was going through the same difficulties as herself.

According to her parents, Doc got used to the new house and turned out to be very active, despite physical limitations. As the girl’s father added, the cat is very soft and loves to lie on her knees.

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