U.S. Army goes full “Freddie Mercury” performing medley of Queen hits

In the military, individuals lose their personal distinctions to become part of a unified entity classified by departments, serial numbers, and ranks. However, amidst the formalities, the armed forces boast a vibrant diversity with soldiers representing various backgrounds and talents. Pershing’s Own, the United States Army’s premier musical organization, exemplifies this diversity by bringing together committed singers, musicians, and conductors from different departments.

Named after General John J. Pershing, who proposed the creation of a musical wing for the U.S. Army, Pershing’s Own initially aimed to boost morale. Over time, the organization expanded its responsibilities, performing at national events, military funerals, and charity concerts. During the pandemic, they surprised audiences with a virtual concert series, “United We Stand,” featuring a memorable tribute to Queen’s Freddie Mercury.

The talented ensemble delivered captivating renditions of Queen classics, including “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Somebody to Love.” The 10-person choir showcased their vocal prowess, accompanied by live instrumentation, proving that Pershing’s Own is a collection of sheer talent. Their spectacular tribute reached a global audience, earning praise for their remarkable performance. As an active part of the military, Pershing’s Own continues to captivate audiences, blending military precision with musical artistry. Their dedication and talent stand as a testament to the multifaceted nature of the individuals who serve in the armed forces.

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