Unstoppable Love: The Roms’ Journey From Childless Couple To A Family Of Seven

Meet Julie and Will Rom, a quintessential couple whose deep reservoir of love held a longing for something missing in their life. Fate had dealt them a tough hand, making natural conception an elusive dream. But they found another way to fill their home and hearts with laughter and joy.

Biological siblings William, 12, Truth, 9, Marianna, 6, Keyora, 3, and KJ, 2, pose in an undated photo.

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Source: ABC News

Their story is a testament to an unwavering love that transcended blood relations. The couple decided to open their arms and become foster parents, and over the next decade, they became a beacon of hope and stability for children in dire need of a safe haven. They cherished each moment, as they watched children come into their lives, only to leave once their biological parents were ready to take them back. But sometimes, destiny intervenes, and for the Roms, it gave them the large family they always yearned for.

Sisters Marianna, 6, and Keyora, 3, July 27, 2017, at their adoption ceremony at Judge Ralph Winkler’s courtroom at Hamilton County Probate Court in Cincinnati.

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Source: ABC News

Their journey as foster parents began with two kids, Will and Truth, back in 2014, whose previous living conditions were deemed unsuitable. A year later, the arrival of their biological sister Mariana added to their blossoming family. Two more biological siblings, KJ and Keyora, completed the family picture in the summer of 2016. After years of providing a loving home, they embarked on the legal journey to make this family official. This year, on the 27th of July, the Roms legally welcomed their five children into their family.

Julie and Will Rom officially became mom and dad to William, 12, Truth, 9, Marianna, 6, Keyora, 3, and KJ, 2, on July 27, 2017, at the Hamilton County Probate Court in Cincinnati.

Source: ABC News

With their last names legally changed to Rom, the children found their forever home and a sense of belonging they could cherish for a lifetime. Julie Rom fondly recalled, “They were our first within their family in February 2014 when they were just 6 and 9 years old. Then Marianna, KJ, and Keyora joined us. We’ve always said that when children come into our home, we wouldn’t uproot them. It’s important they stay together because they’ve already lost so much.”

Will Rom and his son KJ Rom sit in Judge Ralph Winkler’s courtroom at Hamilton County Probate Court in Cincinnati, July 27, 20017, awaiting the adoption proceeding to begin.

Source: ABC News

Their adoption journey culminated in a beautiful ceremony at the Hamilton County Probate Court, with Judge Ralph Winkler presiding. “They changed five siblings’ lives forever by adopting them into a safe, loving, and caring family,” he expressed. Witnessing this joyful union was a crowd filled with beaming faces, including family, friends, and even the children’s teachers, all there to lend their support and share in their happiness.

Source: ABC News

Among those present was Ann Boyle, the former second-grade teacher of Will. She was elated at the news of the adoption and commended Julie and Will for their unconditional love. “There was a 180. [The kids] were smiling, they were talkative. I knew it was the right path for them,” Boyle said.

With their family growing, the Roms also upgraded their lifestyle, moving to a larger house and getting a spacious SUV. Now, the echoes of five children’s laughter fill their home, a testament to their love and commitment.

Source: ABC News

The Rom family’s heartwarming journey from a couple longing for a child to a family of seven is a beautiful reminder that love knows no bounds. As their story unfolds, it brings hope to countless others waiting for their family dreams to come true.

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