US Women’s Team Says They’ll All Quit If Lia Thomas Gets a Tryout: “We Don’t Need a Ringer”

The 16 associates of the US Nationwide Women’s Workforce say they’ll all quit if Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer who won the NCAA Championship and set 11 globe records, will get so substantially as a tryout.

“None of these women want to expend their locker space time searching at male genitals just for an gain,” stated Mentor Joe Barron, “they’d instead acquire actually than to have a ringer on the crew.”

A ringer is described as anyone significantly overqualified to compete in an occasion, commonly involving athletics. “They sense like the environment will seem down on them if they permit a organic male on their workforce.”According to Thomas, there is no benefit and the stories of her dominance are “extremely exaggerated.” Nonetheless there are all people information and medals.

A spokesman for the US Olympic committee responded to our ask for for comment, noting that they experienced no plan why the women’s volleyball staff, the squad in the article’s attribute image, would treatment if Lia Thomas got a tryout.

“I doubt she’d make it. She’s a swimmer. They never play a good deal of volleyball.”

This reporter confirmed that in all the many years of volleyball and swimming, by no means has somebody skilled in the 50-yeard sprint gained a medal.

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