What a remarkable transformation! To resemble her role model, the girl shed 80 kg.

For seven years, Kayla Lavende has struggled with being overweight. Additionally, her parents would buy her a Barbie doll to encourage her each time the scale returned an unfavorable score.

Kayla loved these lovely, thin dolls, but she referred to herself as “Barbie XXL.”

But the girl had a significant issue. After all, the girl’s 154 kg started to damage her mobility in addition to her beauty and health.

And now it’s clear that changes have occurred! Kayla’s diet has changed, and she now looks fantastic. She lost 80 kg! Finally, the girl can afford to flaunt her colorful Barbie dresses without seeming foolish.

Her life is now focused on eating well and exercising, which help her realize her ambition!

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