What are these brackets for? Attached to the inside of the bedroom door in an early 1900s home.

A questioner said:
What are these brackets for? Attached to the inside of the bedroom door in an early 1900s home.

r/whatisthisthing - Historic early 1900s home came with these odd brackets on the back of the ground floor bedroom.
r/whatisthisthing - What are these brackets for? Attached to the inside of the bedroom door in an early 1900s home.

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Metal brackets attached to long wooden beam on the inside of the bedroom door. I’ve seen similar brackets on a larger scale to hold brooms or gardening tools. Comes complete with landlord paint special.

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  1. Adjustable spacing for hanging stuff on the back, likely missing the adjustable pieces that would clip in.
  2. My first thought was that it was used to hold neckties vertically.
  3. Maybe it was her homemade display for teaspoon collection. Those brackets are made to hold something small and rigid vertically
  4. I’ve seen similar brackets spaced vertically in broom closets for hanging brooms and mops but I can’t imagine why there would be so many horizontally
  5. Thems ‘fer holdin’ onto stuff. In all seriousness, they are. They are utility clips for snapping some kind of slim items onto a wall or in this case, door, for storage, but deducing what the original homeowner used them for would take some serious sleuthing, as they are generally sold as multipurpose, I’m pretty sure.
  6. To hang necklace perhaps
  7. Is it a lake or vacation home? Maybe used to hang fishing rods?
  8. Is there a closet in this room? If not they’re likely meant to hold clothes hangers.
  9. My grandmother had something like this she hung her necklaces on.
  10. I have them in my shop, use them for hanging screw drivers and tools
  11. I would say probably for necklaces. You hang it over a set of prongs, and they’re curved outward so they don’t slide off when you close the door.
  12. ah the classic painted doorknob! Just casually painting over history
  13. Does the old house have closets?
  14. Are the top and bottom row clips lined up perfectly? I wonder if there used to be rods that they held to then drape something (such as ties) from…Another thought being a 1900’s home, clean cloth diapers or lighter clothing such as baby clothes
  15. To store the arrows of course
  16. My wife has a small collection of old rulers, which makes me wonder if these are for something like that, a set or collection of long thin items like rulers – but why would one keep a collection of rulers on the bedroom door?
  17. Maybe paint brushes.
  18. Looks like it’s for jewelry… or something in that space…
  19. A home made storage rack for something long and thin.
  20. Could be for pool cues or something similar?

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In the quiet corridors of an early 1900s home, amidst the creaking floorboards and the whispered echoes of bygone days, there exists a curious enigma – brackets, discreetly affixed to the inside of bedroom doors. These seemingly mundane fixtures, often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life, evoke a sense of intrigue and curiosity. What purpose did they serve in the grand tapestry of domestic life from over a century ago?

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