What is this hatch in my house?

Unravelling the Mystery: Investigating the Sealed Hatch

When the questioner discovers a sealed hatch in their 1938-built house, he investigates its purpose. Despite the need for a chisel to force open the hatch, the revelation simply creates a cloud of dust, with the interior stretching around 20cm before ascending vertically.

Assorted speculations: From Laundry Chute to Dirty Clothes Hamper.

Many suggestions pour in from curious viewers, each claiming a different use for the hatch:

lwpho2 believes it could be a laundry chute, which is an uncommon assumption if it does not lead to the basement.
Ascholay wonders if it could link to a postal slot, remembering a similar feature in their grandparents’ home.
Yukels recalls similar hatches used as access doors to chimneys for cleaning and inspection.

Various Interpretations: From Soot Door to Milk Door.

Ideas include a soot door for chimney cleaning (Correct-Helicopter-5) and a milk door for delivery (sohma_g), demonstrating a wide range of predictions.

Consider the structure and location.

Questions emerge about the structure’s location and surrounds. Some suggest that it is related to a restroom (Ben_Wah_Walls), while others believe it is a filthy laundry hamper (mary2of7).

Source: worvd.com

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