Whoopi Makes Headlines For Her Dramatic Exit From The “The View”

Whoopi Goldberg made headlines once again for her dramatic exit from the set of “The View” during a recent episode that delved into an unexpected topic.

The incident occurred on a recent episode when the hosts discussed a Guardian advice column where a person revealed their spouse stopped allowing foot massages due to a fetish revelation.

The discussion took an amusing turn when co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin commented, “You have to entertain your partner’s kink, within reason,” prompting the 68-year-old Goldberg to abruptly stand up and leave the stage. “Excuse me for a second,” she said as she exited, humorously instructing, “Keep talking!”

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Griffin seized the moment, playfully announcing, “Whoopi has left the building.” When questioned by panelist Joy Behar about her departure, Goldberg, known for her candid reactions, didn’t provide a straightforward answer. Instead, she seemed to hand something off-camera and joked, “I was so enamored by what you were saying that I felt that I needed to take a breath so I could just get myself together.”

“This is what this conversation does to people. It makes them get up and move,” Goldberg quipped, Returning with a grin. She concluded with a lighthearted remark about her feet: “I don’t care ’cause my feet are huge, and no one wants to touch them!”

This isn’t the first time Goldberg left the table during a heated discussion on “The View.” In a notable incident last year, she exited over a debate concerning Miranda Lambert’s confrontation with fans taking selfies during a concert. Expressing irritation, Goldberg defended Lambert’s stance on respecting the artist during performances. When co-host Sunny Hostin challenged her perspective, Goldberg stood up, declared, “I’m leaving, y’all!” and proceeded to take selfies with audience members to emphasize her point.

Check out the moment Whoopi decided to leave during the foot fetish conversation in the video below.

What are your thoughts on celebrities walking off talk show sets in response to uncomfortable or unexpected topics? Do you find Whoopi Goldberg’s candid reactions entertaining or disruptive?

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