Widow Donates $1 Billion to Cover Tuition for NYC’s Poorest Area Forever

Dr. Ruth Gottesman is a former professor at Einstein University in the Bronx. Having recently lost her husband, she made a generous contribution to cover tuition for students attending the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Dr. Ruth has a history of achievements at Einstein, dedicating years of her life to the institution. She took a job in 1968 as “Director of Psychoeducational Services,” eventually becoming the chair of the board of trustees. She studied learning disabilities and even developed a screen test. However, none of her deeds are seemingly more incredible than her decision to donate $1 billion to help cover tuition fees for future students. It is one of the largest donations ever made to a U.S. school, and likely the largest ever made to a medical university.

She lost her husband David Gottesman, affectionately known as Sandy in 2022. The 96-year-old had done some incredible things in his lifetime, including bestowing his wife with a gift that she generously passed along to help students cover their tuition. “He left me, unbeknownst to me, a whole portfolio of Berkshire Hathaway stock,” she recalled to the New York Times. “Do whatever you think is right with it.”

Dr. Ruth Gottesman

Dr. Ruth Gottesman. Image Credit: einsteinmed

Although the grieving wife took some time to mourn, her children encouraged her not to wait too long. Incredibly, her generous decision will not only change the lives of students but change the lives of students in serious need of an extra boost. The Einstein School of Medicine is located in the Bronx, the city’s poorest area, raking the “unhealthiest” county in New York.

Sadly, most donations are made to wealthier schools like those in Manhattan. As a result, many students attending Einstein University have less resources available to them than those in Manhattan, as well as the financial ability to invest into their futures. About 60 percent of students at Einstein are women. Around 48% are white, while 29% are Asian. Hispanics and Blacks make up only a small percentage of less than 20, combined.

‘Sandy’ ran an investment firm, making an early investment in Berkshire Hathaway. This decision set himself and his family up with an abundance of wealth. Now, his widow has chosen to do something incredible with some of the assets he left behind. “I wanted to fund students at Einstein so that they would receive free tuition,” she said. “There was enough money to do that in perpetuity.”

Tuition is skyrocketing, as is the cost of everything else. Many medical students leave school with debts of around $200,000. However, at other New York schools, the debts were much lower, with fewer than 25% of students owning that much. Although doctors make great money, the cost of their schooling alone is enough to prevent someone with fewer resources, from being able to attend. Ruth’s incredible donation will cover tuition for countless students, allowing for those from struggling families, to reach for their dreams.

Source: usapress.info

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