Wife Sees Best Friend’s Message on…

What Discovery Did OP Make That Changed Her Marriage? One morning, OP was up with her sick three-year-old when one of her husband’s alarms went off. He usually set a few of them before waking up and she took the liberty to switch it off. When she leaned over the phone, she saw a text from her best friend that read, “I’m assuming since there hasn’t been an angry pregnant lady on my doorstep, you haven’t told her about us yet?”

She could not believe her eyes, but she wanted to get to the bottom of it, so she took his phone to read their conversations and found out her husband had been cheating with her childhood best friend for four months. The OP decided to handle the situation in the best way she knew how. Processing the Dreadful Infidelity Unlike some people who would know exactly what to do in such a situation, the anonymous Reddit writer confessed that she did not know a way forward. For the first couple of days after finding out, she pretended nothing happened. She continued to be a supportive wife, asking her husband about his day.

OP also kept her children from suspecting anything. But what was more confusing was how both her husband and best friend never displayed any signs of affection or gave her a reason to suspect they were having an affair. Amid this emotional turmoil, the mother could not wrap her head around losing her father and watching her family fall apart. She postponed telling her husband to at least live through one peaceful day before it all came crashing down.

As for her best friend, she vowed never to speak to her again and did not even care to hear the reason behind her betrayal. “After today, I will cut her out of my life like she never mattered at all,” she resolved. The mother of three received a lot of support from commenters. One Reddit user commended her for staying strong but emphasized that they would not advise her to stay and try to work things out with her husband.

Breaking the News to Her Family Soon after, the anonymous Reddit user gave her readers an update. She revealed that she broke the news to her mother-in-law and her ex-best friend’s mother. Without trying to explain the story, she just handed out screenshots of the conversation between her husband and ex-best friend. Shocked by what they learned, her in-laws and her ex-best friend’s family immediately took her side and apologized profusely as they hugged and cried together.

Her mother-in-law was so furious that she was ready to write her son off. In fact, the OP revealed her mother-in-law assured her saying: “That no matter what happens, I will always have her, and as far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t have a son, only a daughter. ”Even though she’d been skeptical about leaving her husband, OP contacted a lawyer and started drafting her divorce settlement. She said she got a good attorney who was ready to fight for her. The lawyer clarified that her husband would not get her father’s inheritance.

OP’s husband was livid when he arrived home and found out that his wife had taken hers and the children’s things and moved out. He lashed out by going to look for his wife at her father’s place and ended up getting arrested for bashing the front door with a baseball bat.

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