Will fire any player who kneels for the anthem

Despite their youth and difficulties, the United States Football League has a bright future. In contrast to the NFL, the USFL’s fan base keeps expanding as new regulations are put in place.


A total prohibition on kneeling during the National Anthem is the most recent development to cheer up the new supporters. According to League Commissioner Joe Barron, the regulation is unbending and inflexible.

“We’re done with that nonsense,” Barron declared, adding that it damages the troops when people kneel in protest. I mean, who would want to do that? What injuries to football players did soldiers ever cause?

For years, there has been debate about whether or whether US servicemen and women are negatively impacted by football players who take a knee. However, evidence points to this as one of the main causes of the 22 veteran, Has anyone observed that when white athletes protested injustice, no one paid them any attention at all? Carlson added that since they made Jim McMahon write “Rozelle” on a headband, he hasn’t witnessed such appalling treatment of Caucasians.

In any case, the USFL is making every effort to draw in players who have left the NFL. On game days, all of the neighborhood pharmacies have committed to carry extra Sudafed because they have an exclusive agreement with Pabst for Blue Ribbon drafts.


The eight-week league schedule kicks off in one of the cities where a franchise is located later this year. There are undoubtedly still tickets available.

Source: viralus9.com

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