Woman Who Spends Five Hours Per Day in the Kitchen Says Her Job is to Make Husband’s Life Easier

Gender roles have become a widely discussed topic. More and more people have come around to the idea of breaking certain stereotypes. However, others have found themselves perfectly content with a more traditional way of life. Such is the case for 25-year-old Estee Williams.

Estee, and her husband 23-year-old Connor, have faced so much backlash for choosing to stick to typical gender roles. She strongly believes in maintaining her role as a “tradwife” and spends around 5 hours a day in the kitchen. Estee believes it’s her job to make her husband’s life easier and despite the criticism, happily fulfills the stereotypical gender roles.

Sharing the Same Beliefs

Estee was studying meteorology when she met her now husband in 2020. The Virginia couple quickly realized how much they had in common and fell in love. Soon after, she dropped out of school and began focusing on fulfilling her gender roles. Connor is an Electrician and works fulltime, so Estee believes he shouldn’t have to do anything when he gets home. She shared that he does occasionally help out around the house but that she never expects it.

Sticking to Their Gender Roles

She spends around 5 hours a day cooking from scratch, and around another 2 hours cleaning. Not only does she cook all his meals and make his lunches every day, but she also lays out his clothes for him. In her free time, she goes grocery shopping and tries out new hobbies. Estee is learning how to garden and plans to start figure skating. Estee believes part of what makes their marriage so good is, they don’t argue regarding gender roles. In advance, both partners know what they’re expected to fulfill.

Not only does she cook and clean for her husband, but she essentially lets him guide everything. She never goes to the gym without him. Furthermore, she doesn’t purchase anything other than groceries without his approval. And she always tries to have her hair and makeup done whenever he comes home from work.

Future Plans

The couple currently has no children but hope to in the next few years. Things won’t change much for the couple as Estee will continue to fulfill her gender roles and take care of the kids while Connor works. She said that she plans to home-school her kids because she wants to have control over what her kids are “consuming academically”.

Hardship Teaches a Valuable Lesson

Estee said that her parents divorced when she was young and that it was difficult to watch her mom struggle. Furthermore, she doesn’t believe women can have it all. The couple are often harassed on social media for their choices to fulfill gender roles, some calling Estee “lazy”. She doesn’t mind though; she prefers the peace of mind of not having to work or worry about bills.

At the base of the fight for gender equality, is the desire to be free to live however one sees fit. Although her preferences don’t align with the fight to abolish gender roles, her preference live as she sees fit is her prerogative and it seems she and her husband have found a balance that works for them.

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